Reinventing software developer training. 
Addressing diversity in Seattle's tech community.


What is Ada?

Ada Developers Academy is a year-long intensive training program for women transitioning into software development. We’re located in Seattle, Washington.

We offer one of the most comprehensive developer training programs available: six months of full-time classroom instruction plus six months of on-the-ground training ensures our graduates thrive in their careers as developers.

Ada is tuition-free and is supported by the tech community, public funding, and individual donors.

Looking to begin a career in software development? If you’re highly motivated and passionate about technology, Ada might be the program for you.

As a selected student, you’ll be learning collaboratively in a challenging and creative environment. No experience? No problem. Ada is for women who are technically inclined, but do not have a background in computer science.

Seattle companies big and small have committed to diversifying their development teams by hosting an Ada intern. Our sponsoring companies fund students’ education and sponsor internships to ensure successful career transitions.

Join us to enhance your pipeline and grow your development team by hosting an intern.

Ada is a community-supported organization, and we rely on the talents of professional software developers for teaching assistantship, guest lectures, and curriculum oversight.

Get involved and give back to the Seattle tech community by mentoring and overseeing students’ learning. The opportunities are limitless!

Meet Our Sponsors

All our students attend the academy totally free of cost and we couldn’t do it without the help of our amazing sponsors!