Upcoming Events

May 8: Dr. lee hood - institute for systems biology

Lee Hood is advancing a new vision of medicine, in which health care is predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory. As part of this mission, Hood is conducting an intensive study of 100 individuals, in which their wellness is thoroughly and regularly monitored through a battery of tests, gauging how every lifestyle choice affects their health. If successful, there are plans to include 100,000 individuals, making it one of the largest studies of its kind ever. Hood will share the insights his study has uncovered so far, and explain how it could pave the way to Healthcare 2.0. (Learn more here


June 5: state of technology luncheon

In the Technology Alliance's largest annual event, leaders from the worlds of business, research and government come together to celebrate Washington's innovation economy, and to gain insights from the top minds at globally recognized companies and institutions. This year, Concur CEO Steve Singh will discuss entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and how a boy from a small village in India went on to build a $8 billion  company. (Learn more here)

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Education = Opportunity: Check out the latest research from Boston Consulting Group on STEM education in Washington, and how the state can improve career opportunities for our students. An abridged presentation can be found here

The economic impact of Washington tech: Did you know that technology-based employment, sales, and related economic activity support nearly 1.4 million jobs in Washington? Learn more about our state's world-class innovation sector in our latest economic impact study. 

Supporting computer science in Washington schools: We are proud to partner with Code.org, Washington STEM, and many other organizations in supporting HB1813, a bill to improve computer science education in our schools. Read more about the bill here, and what a top Washington teacher thinks about it here