Who We Are

The Technology Alliance is a statewide, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization of leaders from Washington's innovative businesses and research institutions united by our vision of a vibrant, technology-based innovation economy that benefits all of our state's citizens.

Through programs, events, data analysis, and policy activities, we work to support the growth of our high-impact industries; the creation of high-wage jobs; and economic prosperity for our entire state.


What We Do

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Collaborators:  We convene tech leaders, policy makers, economists, and innovators from across the state, finding areas of common ground to move Washington's economy forward.


Advocates: Having performed targeted research for nearly two decades, we are a trusted source of information and educated policy positions regarding Washington's leading economic sector.  


Trailblazers: Whether it's the gender gap in the tech industry or the need for more angel investment in Washington, we incubate innovative programs addressing Washington's top tech issues. 


Founded by Bill Gates Sr. and Susannah Malarkey in 1996, the Technology Alliance is led by top minds from Washington's leading tech-based businesses and research institutions.