On March 3, 2015, the Technology Alliance and  University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering Department co-hosted a day-long event, highlighting the innovative ways that Washington companies are applying Big Data. 

In addition to showcasing how data-driven insight is changing industries, attendees also learned how Washington has emerged as a leader in the growing Big Data industry, and how the state can continue to invest in creating an ecosystem for innovation. 


Francois Ajenstat - Vice President of Product Management, Tableau

Dina Bass - Technology Reporter, Bloomberg News

Eric Best - Chief Marketing Officer, CommerceHub

Matthew Combe - Program Director, Seattle 2030 District

Ewan Duncan - Seattle Office Director, McKinsey & Company

Anson Fatland - Associate VP of Economic Development, Washington State University

Nick Gerner - Principal Architect, Placed

Carlos Guestrin - CEO, Dato & Amazon Professor of Machine Learning, University of Washington

Jeremy Jaech - CEO, SNUPI Technologies

Ed Lazowska - Bill & Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington 

Kevin Mackey - Practice Director of Business Technology Services, Point B


Sean MacLeod - President, Stratos Product Development

Bryan Mistele - CEO, INRIX

Sean Nolan - CTO, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Joe Piper - Managing Director, Point B

Nathan Price - Associate Director, Institute for Systems Biology

Stan Price - Executive Director, Northwest Energy Efficiency Council

Harish Rao - Director of Business Analytics, Boeing

Joseph Sirosh - Corporate VP, Microsoft

Ben Stephens - VP, Chief Counsel of Corporate Affairs - Intellectual Ventures

Cheryl Vedoe - CEO, Apex Learning Inc.

Matt Wood - Principal Data Scientist, Amazon Web Services


Francois Ajenstat, Tableau - About Tableau

Matthew Combe, Seattle 2030 - Using Big Data on a District Scale

Ewan Duncan, McKinsey & Company - Big Data in Washington State

Nick Gerner, Placed - About Placed

Jeremy Jaech, SNUPI Technologies - Big Data in the Internet of Things

Ed Lazowska, University of Washington - Why the Big Deal About Big Data?

Matt McIlwain, Madrona Venture Group - About Madrona's Dataware Investments

Bryan Mistele, INRIX - Connecting Cars and Smart Cities

Nathan Price, Institute for Systems Biology - The 100(K) Person Wellness Project