Adeona: Mobile device tracking technology that is privacy preserving and transparent-to-the-user.

Advanced Research in Computers: A wireless, smart, and ergonomic keyboard for use with smartphones, tablets and Google TV.

Ajuga: Finds sustainable and economical alternatives to sourcing critical, fine chemicals by modifying enzymatic pathways in mint plants to produce those desired, targeted compounds.

AmpTab: Software that connects and manages all products in the supply chain, providing full-service solutions from commodity to consumer.

ARZEDA: Enzyme engineering platform that has the potential to transform the chemical industry.

Assay Dynamics: Point-of-care diagnostic testing solution which enables physicians to streamline their workflow while increasing revenue.

Aqueduct Neurosciences: A medical device implant to better manage fluid pressure on the brain for hydrocephalus patients, resulting in fewer follow-up brain surgeries and their associated costs.

AquaGen Fishways: A unique system that helps fish overcome impassible dams, while generating hydroelectric power.

Back on Track: A software as a service solution to enable mental health providers to easily track patient progress over time, and to use that data to help patients stay on track with treatment - and get back on track with their lives sooner.

Biomethane: Microbial purification system that converts dairy waste into biomethane fuel for transit and trucking fleets.

Cadence Biomedical: Medical device to enable people in wheelchairs to get on their feet and walking again.

CadenceMD: Technology solutions that enable physician organizations to improve both operational efficiency and the patient experience.

Calcionics: Novel therapies for heart disease and other medical conditions that inhibit mineralization of soft tissues.

Carbon Cultures: A mobile pyrolysis unit that converts forest residue into biochar, a high-value soil amendment.

Corengi: Corengi helps patients find clinical trials that are right for them, enabling them to participate in research and accelerating medical innovation.

EchoGuide Medical: A handheld, self-contained, single-use echolocation device that enables neurosurgeons to insert catheters into the brain more accurately than with existing techniques.

ekt: An electronic key tether which proactively prevents master key loss.

Enravel: Pico projector that projects a large, rich image from smart phones or other mobile devices without added bulk.

EnVitrum: A patent-pending technology that converts low-value, waste stream glass into a high-value material that has several applications in the green building industry.

Exo Labs: Creator of a digital microscope camera that enables users to stream live images and video, capture and share content, and create annotations.

Food Chain Safety: Microwave heating solution for sterilization and pasteurization which improves food quality and safety.

GemIIni Educational Systems: An online video modeling program for improving the vocabulary and communication skills of children with autism.

Guide Analytics: An ankle bracelet and monitoring service for heart failure patients and their caregivers that enables better care management.

Halo Biopharmaceuticals: Topical, sustained-release treatment for fungal nail infections.

Hive: A wireless technology platform that increases the battery life of transceivers - with applications in medical devices, body-area networks for consumer sports and fitness, and the automotive and aviation industry.

HydroSense (Zensi): Residential water and electricity sensor.

Immusoft: Therapeutic antibody delivery platform that enables human B-cells to sustain delivery of any antibody or other genetically encoded molecule in vivo.

Impel NeuroPharma: Nasal delivery device that utilizes direct “nose-to-brain” transport.

Kaleetan Pharmaceuticals: Next-generation therapeutic vaccines which activate the body's immune system.

KitoTech Medical: A cost-effective microstaple wound closure system that reduces the risk of infection or scarring.

KineMotion Health: Bringing gamification and the power of Microsoft's Kinect platform to physical therapy. A solution that seeks to improve patient's home exercise and increase compliance and give physical therapists tools to monitor patient progress.

LegSim: Legislative simulation tool for high school and college students which results in higher test scores and improved critical thinking.

LightScan Technologies: An ultra-thin, flexible endoscope with exceptional imaging capabilities.

Lite Touch: Disposable force sensors for clinicians.

LumiSands: An environmentally friendly and cost-effective substitute for rare-earth element derived phosphors used in lighting.

Matrix-Bio: A diagnostic which identifies the metabolic signature of breast cancer in patient blood samples earlier and with more sensitivity than current diagnostics.

Mayfield Bioscience: Accurate diagnostic for asymptomatic Trichomonas, the world's most prevelent sexually transmitted disease.

Michelangelo: High-performing, user-friendly data mining tool.

Minetta Brook: Realtime discovery & tracking of relevant information from very large streaming data.

Mitotherix: A Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center spin-out focused on developing a new class of cancer therapeutics that kill a broad range of cancers.

Mobisante: Smart phone based point-of-care ultrasound imaging systmes which are low cost, easy to use and portable.

Mobise: Bringing the data you need to your fingertips, wherever, whenever you work.

NanoFacture: An affordable DNA prep device designed for low resource field or laboratory environments.

Nanocel: Liquid cooling for computers.

NovaTheraNostics: Lipid-nano carrier platform technology that in its first application provides a safer contrast agent for MRI’s with superior imaging quality.

Otometrix: An ultrasound-based device for the accurate diagnosis of ear ache.

Paladin Innovators: Creator of a portable video production suite that enables non-professionals to stream, project, and record broadcast-quality video.

Phytelligence: Tissue culturing techniques that provide stronger plants to commercial growers.

PolyDrop, Inc.: Additives that turn commercial paint into conductive coatings with greater adhesion and durability.

Positron Analytic Services: An analytic device using positron annihilation spectroscopy to identify defects, voids and impurities in silicon wafers.

PotaVida: Water solar disinfection indicator for use in disaster and developing markets.

Precision Image Analysis: PIA helps physicians interpret diagnostic images more quickly, and at lower cost by shifting labor-intensive tasks to trained technicians.

Pregenen: Tools for making precise genome manipulations and custom organisms.

PROFUSA: Helping diabetics achieve glucose control by creating miniaturized, tissue-integrating sensors that are more comfortable, convenient and last 50 times longer than current glucose sensors.

Qazzow: A technology that adds a context-sensitive "Q&A help layer" atop e-commerce sites, allowing users to receive help without leaving the site or calling customer support.

Relaborate: Relaborate enables companies to create quality content at scale for their social media channels, blog, and website.

RoadWyze: Environmental road condition measurement systems that provide rich information while minimizing the need for road salt.

Saltbox: Provides organizations the ability to aggregate and analyze learning data resulting from multiple training activities.

SEngine Medicine: A platform to pinpoint genes unique to cancer cells that can then be targeted by drugs.

Shockmetrics: A noninvasive monitor for the early detection of shock.

Seattle Sensor Systems: Portable Surface Plasmon Resonance biosensor which immediately detects unknown substances in the field.

Shift Labs: Leveraging open innovation and Maker-inspired designs to bring high-impact, life-improving devices to developing nations.

SkyMill Energy: A disruptive new technology in aerospace wind power with the potential to harness a vast untapped source of renewable energy.

Smart Anesthesia Manager: Sophisticated anesthesia advisory system which improves patient safety and operating room ROI.

SNUPI Technologies: Low-power, wireless sensing and monitoring platform for residential, commercial, and marine applications.

Socedo: Turning social data into warm leads.

StaticFlow Analytics: Analytical instruments and engineering support services that will ensure high quality and productivity in the algal biofuel industry.

SuperCritical Technologies: A compact, modular approach to the world’s power problem through highly efficient, flexible fuel power plants.

TimeDot: Peel it off a roll and stick it on anything; when the color changes, the time has expired.

TransformativeMed: Value-added software solutions for hospitals that allow them to better leverage their existing electronic health record systems.

V-Indicator Analytics: Advanced anomoly detection and visualization technology focused on analysing complex financial data.

Vitriosic: Organic polymer electrochromic technology that enables windows to rapidly change from opaque to transparent, reducing the need for building cooling.

Vizua: A network system producing extremely high fidelity 3D models of CT scans that can be visualized and analyzed on any hardware, from anywhere in the world.

X-Caps: New energy storage technology using carbon nanotubes and proprietary electrode coating.

Xylemed - Xylemed is bringing to market Xylemed Ember, a cloud-based electronic patient tracking and operations management system that leverages existing information systems to manage hospital workflows, improving communication and safety, while reducing expenses.