Project Overview

Apples, power, and healthcare have touched the lives of Washingtonians for decades. Apples have been associated with Washington since early explorers brought the first apple trees to the region in 1826. Washington’s mighty Columbia River and the Grand Coulee Dam have provided inexpensive energy for nearly 100 years. Healthcare has evolved from a basic community service to a primary economic contributor for several cities in Washington. These industries have provided economic stability to the state for years and still do so today, employing tens of thousands of workers, and driving our major universities to focus research, innovation commercialization, and training in support of them.

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Yet what might be surprising to many people in Washington is how our state’s modern technology strengths are integral to the success of these traditional industries. Many of the occupations that have defined agriculture, energy, and healthcare for decades have changed along with technology. Farming occupations, electrical service providers, and healthcare practitioners require new skills and new training, which are the backbone of growth and innovation.

The Technology Alliance is creating an interactive digital report that uses data and stories to show technology’s impact on the state’s industry sectors, and the resulting economic and workforce shifts across communities.

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Storylines from agriculture/apples, energy/power, and healthcare will help illustrate these shifts and provide tangible examples to the report’s audiences.

The fully interactive website will be an invaluable tool for legislators, local economic development and educational agencies, chambers of commerce, and media outlets - all trying to best understand where, in what ways, and at what magnitude technology is driving economic changes in sectors, jobs, and communities.

The Technology Alliance has partnered with the economic analysis firm Community Attributes on this report, and directly engaged a diverse group of stakeholders to inform the project. The report/digital tool will be first shared at the Tech Institute in September 2017, which is an invitation-only biennial retreat for the state’s policy, research, and tech/business leaders.

The Technology Alliance is a statewide, non-partisan, nonprofit organization of leaders from Washington's innovative businesses and research institutions united by our vision of a vibrant, technology-based innovation economy that benefits all of our state's citizens. Please email to discuss opportunities or share your story of innovation.