The Enterprise Capital Alliance (ECA)

The Technology Alliance aims to create more connections between Washington companies and entrepreneurial activity, sparking innovation through creative partnerships, collaborations and investments. Through our ECA, we will establish a range of programs, events, curated research and best practices for Enterprise Capital in order to:

  • Shine a light on PNW technology and connect it to Enterprise Investors.

  • Establish an environment of Co-Opetition based around the sharing of ideas and career contacts for our corporate members

  • Leverage the regions competitive advantages to attract interest

If you are interested in getting involved as a partner, contributor or sponsor of this work, please contact us for more information. 

Read the Tech Alliance’s report - The Rebels, Gurus and Gamblers of Corporate Venture Capital

Issue Overview

In Seattle, a region rich with start-up activity and anchored by ten Fortune 500 companies, home-grown traditional venture capital has been limited, with Seattle ranking a distant fifth out of the top six regions in total annual investment. At the same time, Seattle ranks second (behind only Silicon Valley) on two key measures of a healthy innovation economy: employment in innovation industries and patent filings.So how do we connect companies hiring their way to innovation with the start-ups and research entities cultivating great ideas (and people), and in the process make up some investment ground and bolster the strength of our local innovation economy?

CVC is one path forward. This report lays out why and how companies can use venture investing to drive their growth objectives. Looking at both data and examples, we explore the current state of corporate venture capital – broadly and in Seattle – as well as the potential. We present a framework to help companies match their interests with the right approach, and share best practices that exemplify a variety of approaches. And we offer a path forward – the beginnings of a playbook for how companies can create the venture approach that is right for them. The challenge is less in the process than it is in the commitment to our community – to leverage our collective assets, build connections, seek solutions, and reap rewards together.

Successes in this Space

Uncovering an unmet need for an active ‘Angel’ investment community, the Technology Alliance incubated and spun off the Alliance of Angels. Since 1997, AoA has invested $100M+ into 200+ companies and celebrated 40+ exits generating more than a billion dollars of returns. They have further grown their network of 140+ active angel investors to be further augmented by a $6.6M seed fund.