September 13, 2002: Larry Dalton, Professor of Chemistry, University of Washington
Topic: The new Information Age: exploiting the best of both electronics and photonics

October 11, 2002: Dr. Daniel Paull, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Virginia Mason
Topic: How physician directed state-of-the art robots perform cardiac surgery, along with other new advances in cardiac surgery

November 8, 2002: Dr. Paul Robertson, Pacific Northwest Research Institute
Topic: Human islet transplant

December 13, 2002: Dr. Chris Elias, President & CEO, PATH
Topic: Improving health globally with simple solutions

January 10th, 2003: Dr. Bradley C. Edwards, Chief Technology Officer, HighLift Systems
Topic: The space elevator

February 14, 2003: Chris Stubbs, Professor of Astronomy, University of Washington
Topic: Recent discoveries of the Hubble Space Telescope

March 14, 2003: Mike Kluse, Associate Director of National Security, Battelle
Topic: Science and technology in homeland security

April 11, 2003: Dieter Fox, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington
Topic: Robotics

May 9, 2003: Dr. John Corman, Director of Prostate Cancer Network, Virginia Mason
Topic: New advances in detection and treatment of prostate cancer

June 13, 2003: Dr. Leroy Hood, President and Director, Institute for Systems Biology
Topic: New frontiers in biotechnology