Carol Rava


Carol is the Chief Executive Officer of the Technology Alliance. She works closely with the Technology Alliance Executive Committee and Board to develop and implement strategic initiatives that advance the organization's goals in education, research and entrepreneurship. Contact Carol at carol at or (206) 389-7261. 


David Hsieh

William h. gates sr. fellow in innovation & entrepreneurship 

As the William H. Gates Sr. Fellow in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, David is responsible for leading an in-depth research project focusing on the key drivers of the Technology Alliance - from the talent pipeline, to research capacity in universities, to the impact that results when R&D is commercialized for public good. David is an MBA candidate at the University of Washington, graduating in 2018. Contact David at fellow at or (206) 389-7261. 

Katy Tollefson_7486.jpg

Katy Tollefson


Katy manages sponsor relations and board operations for the Technology Alliance. She also coordinates the planning and execution of the State of Technology Luncheon, the Technology Alliance's largest annual event with an audience of 1,000, and handles logistics for the biennial Technology Institute retreat and other Technology Alliance events. Contact Katy at katy at or (206) 389-7261.