September 10, 2004: Denis Hayes, President, Bullitt Foundation, and Co-Founder of Earth Day

October 8, 2004: Dr. Don Brownlee, NASA Stardust Spacecraft Principal Investigator, and Professor of Astronomy, University of Washington

November 12, 2004: Dr. Chris Diorio, Chairman and Co-Founder, Impinj, and Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington

December 10, 2004: Dr. Wylie Burke, Professor and Chair, Department of Medical History & Ethics, University of Washington

January 14, 2005: Dr. Richard Smith, Director, Proteomics Research Resource for Integrative Biology for the National Center for Research Resources, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

February 11, 2005: Dr. Wick Haxton, Principal Investigator, Proposed Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory/Cascades, and Professor of Physics, University of Washington

March 11, 2005: Dr. Joe Miletich, Senior Vice President, Research and Pre-clinical Development, Amgen, Inc.

April 8, 2005: Dr. Mark Reisman, Interventional Cardiologist and Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Swedish Medical Center

May 13, 2005: Dr. Charles Campbell, Co-Director of Center for Nanotechnology, and Professor of Chemistry, University of Washington

June 10, 2005: Dr. Linda Buck, Nobel Laureate, Physiology or Medicine, 2004; Full Member, Division of Basic Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center