September 10, 2010: Dr. Usha Varanasi, Director, Northwest Fisheries Science Center 
Topic: The legacy of the Exxon Valdez and the effects of oil spills on aquatic ecosystems

October 8, 2010: Dr. Andy McShea, Chief Operating Officer, Theo Chocolate 
Topic: The science of chocolate

November 12, 2010: Dr. Shwetak Patel, Assistant Professor, University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering & Electrical Engineering 
Topic: Smart dwellings and cutting-edge energy conservation technology

December 10, 2010: Dr. David Urdal, Senior Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer and Director, Dendreon 
Topic: Discovery, development, and commercialization of novel cancer therapeutics

January 14, 2011: John Gardner Vice President, Advancement and External Affairs, Washington State University
Topic: Regional biofuel efforts

February 11, 2011: Dr. Sam Wasser, Director, University of Washington Center for Conservation Biology 
Topic: Non-invasive wildlife forensics and monitoring methods

March 11, 2011: Gene Walther, Deputy Director, Diagnostics, Discovery, Global Health Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Topic: Gates Foundation's global health initiatives

April 8, 2011: Dr. Krishna Nadella, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Microgreen & Dr. Vipin Kumar, Director, University of Washington Microcellular Consortium
Topic: Improving common plastics on the molecular level

May 13, 2011: Dr. Joshua Akey, Assistant Professor, University of Washington Department of Genome Sciences
Topic: Very recent human evolution