September 9, 2005: Dr. Cliff Mass, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington
Topic: The future of weather prediction

October 14, 2005: Dr. Tad McGeer, Founder, Chairman and CTO, The Insitu Group
Topic: Miniature robotic aircraft

November 10, 2005: Dr. Anne Steinemann, Director, The Water Center, and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington
Topic: Health hazards of everyday exposure to environmental pollutants

December 9, 2005: Dr. Bob Moore, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research
Topic: The statistical revolution in natural language processing

January 13, 2006: Dr. Toby Bradshaw, Washington Research Foundation Professor of Basic Biological Science, Department of Biology, University of Washington
Topic: The biology behind the controversy over genetically engineered food

February 10, 2006: Dr. Patrick Duffy, Director, Malaria Antigen Discovery Program, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute
Topic: Malaria vaccine development

March 10, 2006: Dr. Andrew Meltzoff, Co-Director, Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS), and Job and Gertrud Tamaki Endowed Chair, Professor of Psychology, University of Washington
Topic: Infant brain development

April 7, 2006: Dr. Todd Werpy, Program Manager for Bioproducts, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Topic: Domestic solutions to energy independence

May 12, 2006: Dr. Deborah Kelley, Associate Professor of Oceanography, University of Washington
Topic: Lost City hydrothermal field on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

June 9, 2006: Dr. Kim Kidwell, Associate Professor of Crop & Soil Sciences, Washington State University
Topic: Breeding, genetics, and cultivar development of spring wheats