2019 Technology Institute

Planning for the 2019 Technology Institute is currently underway! We are very excited for this event and are currently working on putting together event details. If you would like to learn more and/or get involved in the planning of this event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us - info@technology-alliance.com

Past Events

2017 Technology Institute

The biennial Technology Institute brings together tech, education and policy leaders from across Washington state in a retreat-like atmosphere to make connections, build bridges, and begin scoping action plans - all focused on strengthening the state’s innovation economy. It’s a by-invitation only, two-day, structured conversation that addresses issues fundamental to the state’s continued tech-driven growth.

This year, the Tech Institute focused on two primary themes: 1) Innovation-driven economic development throughout the state and 2) Immigration, innovation and growth. The retreat kicked off Monday with the release of the Tech Alliance's digital report, Tech's Impact on Washington, which showcases technology's economic effect on communities, companies and the workforce across the state. Guests explored the report throughout the two days via an ongoing game of BINGO, and on Tuesday, the Tech Alliance welcomed the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) for a mid-day keynote on immigration and FullConTech. The Tech Institute wrapped up with a 'Pitch Night', which featured five teams presenting their creative solutions to issues fundamental to supporting and growing Washington's innovation economy - education and talent pipeline, entrepreneurial climate and research capacity, and tech's public impact. To view the presentation slides from Monday night's panel sessions, click here.


See the 2017 Technology Institute Program.

2015 Technology Institute

Participants in the 2015 Technology Institute explored the theme 21st Century: Opportunities for Education, Healthcare and Research Funding in Washington State. Major topics addressed during the retreat include keeping our students competitive; engaging employers and lawmakers in our research institutions' evolution; helping people improve their health; understanding the impact of education funding with the growing innovation economy; STEM workforce pipeline issue and how are both the private and public sectors addressing it; leveraging technology to advance education; implications of the future given the current federal and state funding landscape; and climate change risks and opportunities for Washington state. 

2013 Technology Institute

Participants in the 2013 Technology Institute explored the theme Beyond Benchmarking: Nurturing Talent, Innovation and Job Creation in Washington State. Major topics addressed during the retreat include growing our innovation economy; perspectives from sector leaders, perspectives from state policy leaders, priorities of the State Department of Commerce and U.S. economy; situation today, growth opportunities, and implications for Washington State, K-12 education; maintaining a commitment to rigor, creating a culture of success, bridging the divide; strategies to address the skill gap, the future of higher education and the public research university, innovation and job creation; scaling a company in Washington, Code.org; every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code.

2011 Technology Institute

Participants in the 2011 Technology Institute explored the theme Models of Success: Educating and Innovating for Washington's Economic Future. Major topics addressed during the retreat include the university as an economic engine; promoting college and career readiness for all students; blending tradition and innovation in K-12 and higher education to increase access, reduce costs, and expand economic opportunity; strategies for turning research into results; and how public-private partnerships advance state economic development.

Photo credits: Kristin Osborne

2009 Technology Institute

Participants in the 2009 Institute explored the theme Washington 3.0: Learning and Leadership in the New New Economy. Featured speakers included nationally recognized education advocate Kati Haycock, president of The Education Trust; Mark Heesen, president of the National Venture Capital Association; U.S. Representative Jay Inslee; and Accelerator Corporation Chairman & CEO Carl Weissman. Through a combination of expert presentations and interactive panel discussions, participants discussed the actions Washington needs to take over the next several years in order to sustain and grow our state's innovation economy.

Photo credits: Annie Laurie Malarkey