The Issue, Our Vision & Approach

Explore the breadth, depth and impact of tech & innovation across the state via our interactive, digital report that shows technology's impact on Washington's economy.

The Technology Alliance is not a policy or advocacy organization. Our strength lies in the objective research we conduct, the bright lights we shine on creative solutions to some of the biggest constraints on the state's innovation economy, and the the far-reach of our communications. Our reports, events, and programs are designed to illuminate paths forward for this region. We help frame the issues undergirding the economy - from education and talent, to entrepreneurism and research; and we showcase creative solutions that make a difference. 

Issue Overview 

Technology and innovation have become core to every sector’s growth and success. It is even more imperative then that the public understands this powerful and impactful role technology is having on their lives and communities, and sees themselves as part of the broader change - consumers, creators, and beneficiaries. The industries driving this technological revolution have the opportunity to not just create jobs and fuel the economy, but to show the broader social good that is resulting from this transformation. How is technology’s impact to agriculture improving my shopping experience? How are advances in energy technology saving me money on my utility bills? How are IT companies working to protect my identity when everything is in the cloud? These are the stories that need to be told; these are the connections that need to be made to ensure that Washington’s economic growth has a collective, far-reaching benefit.

Solutions & Approach

We will connect communities, civic leaders and the general public to the ‘new’ economy and demonstrate how innovation and technology are driving jobs, solving problems, and improving lives across the state. 

If you are interested in getting involved as a partner or sponsor of this work, please contact us for more information.